Rothco Product Import and Sync


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Rothco to Shopify Integration

This is a Shopify APP that can auto-sync data from Rothco and import into Shopify store.

Fast & Easy

  • Add products to the Shopify Store in just few clicks.

Save Time

  • Instead of spending hours copying and pasting product data, let the app import products automatically.

Sell More

  • Import 100s of products from Rothco
  • Set Custom Pricing
  • Sync Inventory and Price on the Go


  • Our team is available round the clock, if you have any troubles installing the app.
  • Do you need custom features? Please send in your requirements and we will help you out!
  • We offer live support to all our clients.

Custom Features

If you need any custom feature or want extended support, just ping our support team and we are available to help you .

Have you have ever wanted to set an e-commerce store with full automation?

Did you answer YES to the above question?

Then this app is for you, install and get started today!


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